APAC Founder Compensation Calculator: Discover Fair Founder Salaries


Inspired by Christoph Janz's blog post about founder salaries and numerous conversations with founders across APAC, we decided to gather some data and build a similar tool for the region.

Data source

Unlike our compensation benchmarking tool, which gathers data from our customers' HRIS via API, this calculator has been built using anonymous crowd-sourced data. For scenarios in which we were not able to collect data, we have provided salaries recommended by Venture Capital firms.

Venture Capital Partnerships

We are currently working on partnerships with Venture Capital firms across the region. Through these partnerships, we provide benchmarking data at no cost to their portfolio companies with employees in APAC.

If you are a VC and you believe your portfolio companies could benefit from reliable compensation data, please contact us at [email protected].


the primary city or region where the founder operates


The current maturity level of the company, determined by its latest funding round

Estimated annual gross salary, incl. bonuses

54,000 - 118,000