July 01, 2023

Unraveling the Power of Salary Benchmarking with compensly

Cheryl Goh, Product Marketing Manager

Unraveling the Power of Salary Benchmarking with compensly


Salary benchmarking, alternatively known as compensation benchmarking, is a critical instrument for establishing strategic pay structures, enhancing employee motivation, and preserving market competitiveness. At compensly, we provide a platform that ensures real-time and reliable data for APAC, revolutionizing compensation strategies.

Delving Deeper into Salary Benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is a meticulous process where your organization's compensation plans are contrasted with those in your industry. It takes into account elements such as roles, geographical location, size, and various market pay data sources. Comprehend more about compensation benchmarking, which paves the way to informed decision-making.

Role of Salary Benchmarking in Human Resources

In an age where data is king, understanding compensation analysis can provide your HR with actionable insights. Whether it is formulating a compensation policy or managing talent acquisition and retention, salary benchmarking serves as a key player.

Shaping Compensation Policy

The data gathered from salary benchmarking informs your compensation policy. By ensuring your pay rates align with the industry, you not only maintain a sense of fairness but also bolster motivation among employees.

Driving Talent Acquisition

In the highly competitive tech industry, it's important to offer a compelling package. With an understanding of senior software engineer salaries in Singapore, your company can attract and recruit leading professionals.

Promoting Employee Retention

Regular reviews and adjustments to pay structures ensure employee satisfaction and, consequently, retention. Real-time compensation data can give you the edge in retaining your top talent.

Harnessing Salary Benchmarking with compensly

compensly provides a novel approach to salary benchmarking, which transforms your compensation strategy into a competitive advantage. Here are the steps to leveraging our platform for your benefit:

Job Matching

Matching roles within your organization with similar roles in others, considering factors like responsibilities, skills, and qualifications, makes the comparison fair.

Data Collection

Our platform collects data on salary ranges and benefits packages offered for matched roles in other companies via API integrations, providing real-time and reliable information.

Data Analysis

Data analysis offers insights into whether your current pay structures are competitive, which forms the basis for making necessary adjustments.

Implementing Adjustments

Discrepancies between your compensation and the market standard should be addressed promptly. With our platform, you can enhance your compensation strategy and maximize your team's potential.


In the dynamic business landscape, it is vital to adopt an agile approach to salary benchmarking. With compensly, companies can cultivate a fair and motivating work environment, attract top-tier talent, and reduce turnover. Our platform helps in making informed hiring decisions and finding the right compensation mix for your team. Make sure to take advantage of the most comprehensive salary survey in Singapore and understand the importance of the roles of Head of Total Rewards, Compensation, and Benefits Manager in the tech industry.